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Tabletop Simulator Seasonal Ranked Ladder

The Reborn Tabletop Simulator (TTS) ladder will launch in Spring of 2019. More details about it will become available between now and then. In the mean time make sure you have the following in place so that you are ready to play:

  1. Download Steam and make an account.

  2. Download Discord and make an account.

  3. Download Tabletop Simulator. (check for sales first here)

  4. Download 3vo’s 1v1 Scripted WoW TCG Table.

  5. Check in on the Reborn Discord (#game-scheduling) or the WoW TCG Discord (#looking-for-a-game) for pickup games.

  6. If you have any questions, reach out through email or socials @wowtcgreborn.

Additional info:

  • Build WoW TCG decks for TTS quickly with frogwow.

  • Unsure on how to use frogwow? Here’s a tutorial video by Bradifer.

  • Unsure about all the hotkeys and features on TTS? Here’s another tutorial video by Bradifer.