Reborn Card Sets

As part of continuing the game, the Reborn team will be releasing multiple custom card sets each year. 2019 will include Chaos Decks, Raids, Treasure Sets, a full-size Core Set, and accompanying starter decks. Keep an eye out on @wowtcgreborn socials for announcements regarding set release!


Please note: This product is not for sale and we cannot recommend a printing company. Translations in Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish are coming soon. If you have any feedback for us regarding the set, please reach out through email or socials @wowtcgreborn.

Into the Mists is the first set of Block 8 / Mists of Pandaria Block, released the 2nd of July, 2019. It marks the rotation of Block 6 / Aftermath Block out of Core. It is immediately legal for casual play and will become legal for competitive play this year at GenCon and then moving forward on the Reborn Circuit and Tabletop Simulator Ladder upon its completion. You can find a brief introduction and overview of the themes and mechanics of the set here. Starter decks will be available shortly after GenCon and include reprints from older sets as well as a handful of new Monk cards. Into the Mists will be available on TCGBrowser soon!

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